Monday, July 11, 2016

Nhan Camp Tahosa - Colorado, Summer 2016!

Giờ này các bạn đồng trang lứa đang khò khò ngáy ngủ trong chăn ấm, nệm êm, thế mà các cậu bé này mới 3 giờ sáng lủ khủ, tay xách, nách mang, khệ nệ ba lô chất đầy lên xe chuẩn bị lên đường.
Đi camp là chấp nhận phải xa ba mẹ, anh em, 1 mình khăn gói cùng đồng đội ngủ bụi, ngủ bờ, vượt suối, trèo đèo, thiếu thốn tiện nghi, điện nước chập chờn. 
Bữa ăn xúm xít cùng nấu không đủ nguyên liệu có gì ăn nấy chia sẻ với nhau, lại còn không được xài bất cứ thiết bị điện tử nào, không điện thoại, liên lạc với ba mẹ phải qua trưởng trại khi tối cần thiết.
Một tuần đi trại lịch rèn luyện dầy đặc, nội chuyện leo núi cao 10000 feet, phải mang theo 2 lít nước, vác thêm ba lô lều chõng đủ thấy quãi rồi 😩giờ này mùa hè mà nghe nói trên núi có tuyết vậy mà các bạn trẻ đó chỉ túi ngủ thôi ...hic !!!
Cực than thế đó không hiểu sao toàn đội khoảng 40 tên, hết 36 đăng ký lên đường chịu khổ ....còn 4 thì do sức khỏe hay chuyện gia đình , không đi được tiếc hùi hụi!
Ba mẹ tụi nó đúng là thuộc dạng ..."không biết thương con" ?!! ha...ha 😜
Tạm biệt Be, chỉ mong con mang về làm quà cho mẹ những bức ảnh thật sống động, tuyệt đẹp ghi dấu chân con trai yêu của mẹ, Be nhé !

(Trích từ FB của mẹ viết đêm Be đi)

 Week of July 3nd to July 9th - 2016 at Camp Tahosa, Denver - Colorado.

***Sunday, At the Gate of Hobby Air-port:

All safe and at the gate or eating near by.
We made it through security with only bug spray, sunscreen and tooth paste confiscated.

It was a great flight into Denver.  The troop is now on the charter bus heading to CiCi's for lunch and then off to rafting.  Andy and others are in the van and going shopping before driving to camp.



Off the water just finished eating about to head to camp. The boys had a blast on the rapids.

The DT's took a 6 mile hike and experienced a little altitude sickness and took much longer than planned. All is well and they are home safe and sound.


Thanks to the SPL, we had a one hour delayed start today so we could catch an extra hour of shut eye after the very long day on Sunday.
Breakfast was French toast, eggs and sausage, lunch was taco salad and dinner was mini Thanksgiving of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and carrots.

 All patrols went on hikes today, the Bugs and the Majestic Eagles hiked around the lake and the DT's took off after lunch for a 6 mile hike to another lake to fish. They were supposed to be back by dinner. No sign of them yet, we have set out a search party. We think they spent too much time fishing and are just running late :)

 All patrols spent time kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding on the lake. Fun was had by all and no one fell into the cold water.

 We have had only one injury, a scout was sitting on a picnic table and slid sideways and got a big splinter in his leg.... OUCH!  Many attempts have been tried to extract the shard. On advice from a local doctor we are waiting for the body to reject to foreign object.
The outgoing and incoming Scoutmasters have challenged the troop to do the Polar Penguin Plunge at 6 am tomorrow morning, cant wait to see how that turns out.

The weather was perfect today, no rain (yet) and partly cloudy so the sun was not too bad. The camp staff is complaining that its too hot, 75 deg, we just laugh.
The Alpine Trek Crew got off on schedule just after lunch, lets keep them in our prayers and hope for a safe and challenging journey.



One injury today, one of the scout leaders strained his ankle running away from a scout while playing capture the flag. He is related to the scout that got injured with the splinter.

 Great weather, no rain and  clear skies, sun screen worn by all.
biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, and hash browns for breakfast. Grilled cheese and ham sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch and ham, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner. One of our scouts helped cook dinner tonight and was surprised that the mashed potatoes came from a box.


Geocaching, pioneering project, field archery, mountain biking, capture the flag,High Cope challenge course for the adults, short hike to a natural spring coming out of a tree.
Just a few scrapes from falls from the mountain bikes, just a flesh wound.
The pioneering project was a tower platform with a roof. Lots of lashing and team work.
DT's hiked to lost lake and fished, great time was had by all. Tomorrow they get up a 4:30 to go summit Autobahn elevation 13,223 ft.



We started off with breakfast at 6 as we had adventures offsite today.
Breakfast was Pancakes, eggs, sausage or bacon, lunch was ham and cheese sandwich plus Fritos and cookies as a bag lunch. Dinner was scallop potatoes with ham mixed in and green beans.
The DT's were successful in summiting Audubon, then did the high ropes activity and was hoping to go on an evening hike but the staff trek leader was too tired. The scoutmaster that went with them had a fitbit that registered over 30,000 steps.

Most of the rest of the troop went hiking up Deer Mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. They had a great hike. The temp was 75  and was hot in the sun. One scout on the hike was lagging behind as he was too hot as he was wearing long underwear under his pants. This was quickly remedied and he felt much better.

 A few of us that did not go on the hike went up the Trail Ridge Road to the Alpine Visitors center. This is the highest paved road in the US. The view was incredible and you saw that we found snow. 

Only one injury today and that was a finger carving incident.
 See you soon


*** Friday:

Great Day. The Alpine Trekkers came into camp safe and sound.
Breakfast burrito, McRibs for lunch and hamburgers for dinner.

 The DT's went into the National Park for a day of hiking.

Rock Climbing, boating, wood carving and mountain biking, & team works!

 See you tomorrow


Anh Be đi trại về tặng em Bo quyển sách về thú hoang dã, tặng mẹ ảnh có gắn nam châm cộng với mấy trăm bức ảnh tuyệt đẹp, tặng ba ly uống cà phê khá đặc biệt, cả nhà vui thật là vui, nhứt là em Bo khoe mẹ cười tit mắt, còn mẹ thì xem hình Be chụp tới nửa đêm vẫn chưa chán, cám ơn anh Be nghe!!! Nhan Nguyen,


Dã Quỳ said...

những sinh hoạt của hướng đạo thật tuyệt ha mẹ Thảo!

anh Be đã lớn và trưởng thành hơn rất nhiều đó. Dì DQ ngắm hình anh Be chụp suốt tuần trại mà thích quá chừng luôn à!

BeBo said...

anh Be giờ khá chững chạc, ba mẹ bớt lo rồi, hướng đạo đã rèn luyện con rất nhiều, cám ơn đồng đội lắm, dì Q nên cho Cún đi !

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