Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trại hè 2014 của Be.

Được tổ chức ở Colorado, Denver- CampTahosa 1 tuần (6/29 - 7/5/2014).
Khởi hành sáng chủ nhật, 4:30AM  hành lý lủ khủ tập trung ở nhà thờ cả bọn được đưa ra sân bay Hobby cách 1 giờ để bay, đứa nào coi bộ cũng nôn nao, háo hức lắm, chúc các con có 1 kỳ trại vui tươi, thú vị, khó quên nha, bye con Be !!!


***Sent: Mon, Jun 30, 2014 9:34 AM CDT
Subject: [Troop747] Monday Morning

Hello everyone
Sunday was a great day. No problems with getting on the plane. The disco
bus and cargo van worked out perfectly except the disco lights gave our
leaders a slight headache.

The beginner trip was awesome as well with several class 3 rapids.
We had two scouts experience altitude / motion sickness but have recovered
The food so far is great. Pizza, spaghetti and salad for dinner Sunday
and eggs, sausage, pancakes and fruit for breakfast.

This morning we have fishing, COPE, and archery with kayaking and climbing
in the afternoon. It will be a challenge for the scouts to pass the swim
test in the cold water.
 The Alpine Trek crew will be off after lunch and will summit Saw tooth
(12,304 ft) and autobahn (13,223 ft)  during their adventure.

 They will
also do the shipwreck drill where the guide will take away half of their
gear and they have two hours to develop a survival plan.

 They plan to make
snow shelters as well and go sliding down the ice using the ice axe as a
break. Better them the me !

The whitewater rafting was awesome. The intermediate trip was fast water
the whole time and several class 4 rapids. Only two scouts were thrown from
the rafts and had to be rescued.
This camp is beautiful, it was in the low 40's last night.

I will be sending these out sometime after breakfast each day as I have to
wait till the camp administrator can give me time on the computer.

We may never leave!


***Subject: [Troop747] Tuesday Morning

Hello everyone
It is cold this morning but also bright and sunny. Yesterday one patrol did
low COPE which is team building to get them ready for high cope this
morning. High cope is a high rope course.

We had a patrol with kayaking but had to do a swim test first. Only two
scouts tried as the water is 55 degrees. The two scouts did not pass the
test but tried real hard. We are proud of them for trying. The water front
director says most swimmers cannot pass the test in the cold water.

We had one slight injury, scout not looking where he is going and tripped
over a log. He now has an ace bandage around his knee but this has not
slowed him down.
One patrol had archery and made small arrow pens.
Food is good, tacos for lunch, meat loaf, mash potatoes and gravy for
The Alpine Trek crew got off after lunch and should be in the snow today.
We took day hikes in the afternoon and learned a lot about Colorado. The
Aspen groves are really beautiful.

The Taohsa Trek crew will do their gear shakedown today and get issued
their ice axes and helmet.
All is well and we are having fun.


***Sent: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 12:38 PM CDT
Subject: Wed morning-ish

Sorry for the late email, got busy building a tower with the musketeers. It
will be finished by dinner.
The Tahosa trek crew got a really throughout gear shakedown by the Trek
guide last night and learned a lot about what to take and what not to take.
At least one third of what the scouts thought they needed to take was not
needed and was left behind.
Two patrols went to climbing yesterday and had a great time climbing a 20ft
vertical rock wall and repelling off the back side.

One patrol had three members pass the BSA swim test in the 55 degree water
so that they could spend the afternoon on the lake in kayaks.
We did the high ropes challenged course and will do more this afternoon.
Lunch was hamburgers and dinner was jambalaya. YUM!

The Musketeers are now out observing nature for the environmental science
merit badge. They have to sit quiet in the woods for 20 minutes and write
down everything they see.

We caught fish yesterday and saw elk by the lake this morning. Still on the
hunt to see a moose!

We hope all is well in Houston


***Sent: Thu, Jul 3, 2014 9:06 AM CDT
Subject: [Troop747] Thursday morning

We had quite an eventful day yesterday.
The musketeers finished building the tower, its about 8 feet high and holds
the whole patrol. It took 17 square and diagonal lashings and 25 lashing

One of the Alpine Trek scouts twisted his knee and had to hike out. Nothing
serious but it prevented him from continuing the trek. The Trek guide and
Aaron hiked him out and then hiked back in to continue the adventure.

The Poptarts did archery in the morning and High Ropes again in the

 Lugo went with them and did the zip line several times.
The fish count is up to 8 with a scout catching the biggest so far.
We had elk and moose sightings from afar.

Early in the evening a bear came very near our campsite to inspect the
garbage can near the latrine at the next site over. Several scoutmasters
did what we had been taught and chase him off. We got pictures of the bear
before we chase him off.

Stay tuned

***Sent: Fri, Jul 4, 2014 9:37 AM CDT
Subject: [Troop747] Friday Morning

this is the last email from camp. The next one will be updates as we travel
The musketeers did the low COPE team building yesterday and spotted a
We had very interesting weather yesterday, hail while the sun was shinning.
It lasted about 15 minutes then cleared up.

The Alpine Trek crew had to come back to camp a day early due to a twisted
ankle. They could not get to the peak of Sawtooth as the snow was too
dangerous to climb. Today they are day hiking to the peak of Audubon. All
and all they had a great Trek and have many stories to tell. I don't think
any of them care to see snow again for while.

We had one member of the Tahosa Trek crew get hiked out yesterday due to
dehydration. He is doing fine today. This crew should return sometime this
afternoon. We wonder if they experienced the hail.
One scout "lost" his wallet for the third time.
One scout qualified for the Archery merit badge by shooting 120 points
with 30 arrows.
The scout that tripped and hurt his knee, tripped again last night and hurt
his other knee. It a bit swollen and purple, however the consensus here is
that he will survive to trip again.

Our fish count is up to 10. One Scoutmaster who will remain nameless and
who is currently fishless keeps talking about the one that got away.
The Alpine Trek crew spotted a Marmot
Chipmunks around here will find any food no matter how good you hide it.
The Poptarts went off site to climb yesterday. They climbed a 70ft rock
face and several 50ft climbs.

 They did a good turn and cleaned up a
campsite that was left full of trash and spent ammo shells.
The Musketeers are off climbing to finish off the climbing merit badge and
the Poptarts will be doing Archery this afternoon.
We are all sleeping in cabins tonight so that we can be all packed up and
ready to go before we go to bed.

The scouts keep asking "why do we have to clean the dining hall after every
meal" ...... one drawback to being the only ones here.

The disco bus shows up at 6am tomorrow.

See you all Saturday

Nghe tiếng pháo đì đùng tui nhớ Be quá, nhớ tương thằng con chạy tới, chạy lui, lúc lên lầu, khi dưới đất, lăng xăng hết cửa trước, rồi cửa sau....giờ này con làm gì... Có được cùng với bạn bè nằm ngửa mặt ngắm từng tràng pháo hoa nổ tung toé trên nền trời Colorado, được thế thì thật là thú vị Be hé... mẹ nhớ con 


Dã Quỳ said...

Thích quá, Be ơi!

Great job, con trai!

BeBo said...

thấy Be vui hé dì Quỳ, có mấy môn con không dám chơi tiếc ghê, nhưng từ từ dể thằng nhỏ quen dần, mong ngày càng dạn dĩ hơn.

Dã Quỳ said...

Em thấy dạo này Be đã dạn dĩ hơn trước nhiều rồi đó chứ. Và lại biết chụp hình that đẹp nữa kìa!

Keep it up, Be!

BeBo said...

Thanks dì Quỳ, luôn dõi theo bước của Be!

BeBo said...

Camp Tahosa 's Tumblesom lake is a private lake, so state fishing licenses are not required to fish.

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