Friday, May 17, 2013

2013 Houston Buddy Walk Fundraising!

This is the 13th Anniversary of the Houston Buddy Walkr
To Register as a Walker for our Team, or to DONATE, just click on appropriate button above! 
*** The Event is FREE - Registration is FREE ***
Come Join us, on Sat, 11/9,2013 at the Diamond Lot in Minute Maid Park, in downtown Houston from 10AM-2PM. 
Walkers can arrive by 10am to enjoy the rides, on-stage entertainment, the gift shop, vendors and delicious food.  The walk is scheduled for 1pm
You don't want to miss this 13th anniversary celebration! 
We want to thank all of our supporters that signed up to walk and all of our donors who have contributed to our team.    

Your involvement in the Buddy Walk, either by walking with us, or by donating, will help make a brighter tomorrow for all individuals with Down syndrome.
 We want you to know that 99% of the proceeds from the walk will be used locally, to support the mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Houston! The remaining 1% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Down Syndrome Society Policy Center, to help create and maintain national policies that protect the rights of individuals with Down syndrome.

Strollers and wagons are welcomed! Pets are not

We will walk, every year, for our child, for us, for our whole family - for every friend that we have made at the Down Syndrome Association of Houston -  for every one of their beautiful children - and for every new baby that shows up at our community meetings with their proud parents.  We will walk and help to raise awareness so that our children with Down syndrome, are accepted as a wonderfully normal part of a very diverse community.

Thank you for supporting our family -- and all individuals with Down syndrome!!


Mrs. Truong said...

Em thích cái hình này quá, nhìn ảnh bảnh ơi là bảnh :)

BeBo said...

Phải nói là rất bảnh tỏn, he...he!!!

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