Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trại hè của Be 2012/ Nhan's Summer Camp 2012.

When: Saturday, June 30th through Saturday July 7th.
Where: Kia Kima Scout Ranch 
             Cherokee Village, Arkansas near Hardy Arkansas.
***Saturday, June 30th @ 11:00PM.

***Sunday, July 1st.
All is well at Kia Kima Scount reservation. We arrived at 11:30 and
set up for lunch. Lunch was excellent thanks to the ladies auxiliary.
We got our campsite all set up hand had time to rest. We have two
home sick scouts and one throwing up right before dinner. All is well
as we got them somewhat rehydrated and they are asleep. No injuries
yet. Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and salad for dinner. They
have a PB&J bar at lunch and breakfast for those scouts who dont like
what they serve.
The adult camp is separate from the boys separated by the shower and latrine.
Sorry not much to report

***Monday, July 2nd - A leter to Mom.

Dear Mom
I'm doing ok here it's hot if you find tags for my Kolhs sunglasses do not throw them away
Mom I love you and miss you I can't wait to get home to see you again
Mom I love you it's not as bad as Pensacola love you again
Mamma and Paw I love you 
Mom I love you and miss you don't get annoyed if I misplace something's
Do you miss me, I don't just kidding ha ha ha 
Mom don't cry too hard, I miss you
Mom, is cady whinning a lot?
Mom and Dad a nice airforce airplane flew over, love you 
Mom I love you and I miss you I went down the yellow slide like you told me too
I think the rain followed me here and I'm not as sick as the first time, love ya mom and dad
I need more money, I am broke, there are lots of bees, ticks, ants, and wasps
Mom I love and miss you and have fun on your vacation
What's up
Hi mom I miss you and I love you it's pretty quiet around there huh?
Mom I miss you and love you and take care of my little brother
Hey mom I miss you and take care
Love you a lot missed you during camp have a fun time in California
Hey I'm doing fine drinking lots of water and I love you
Thanks mom for everything I love you and see you in a week
I love you mommy
I love you and I miss you and I'm having a great time, I didn't get lost this time
That's all the scouts I can find tonight
The cure for home sickness is icecream Gatorade and chocolate protein bars
Pancakes, pizza, and pork chops
We are getting non pork and non meat meals
One scout just told me he can't come home without his first class rank, I guess we will be leaving him behind ha ha 

Thanks and signing off form akia Kima

Andy and friends

***Tuesday, July 3rd.
I accidentally deleted tonight's email, I hate when that happens
A letter to mom from one scout who was asleep last night:
I miss you mom, I hope my six sisters are ok and I hope my frogs are still alive
Hey get that head lamp out of my eyes
Scrambled eggs and bacon, chili dogs, spaghetti 
Blobbing tonight
We had a face plant off the blob
We sailed them high 
A back flip
All scouts who climbed the iceberg to the top gets an icecream tomorrow
Wilderness survival built fires without matches
We made it to the finals of the basket ball tournament
Two scoutmasters snuck out of camp to go fishing, they did not bring back any fish, so we are not sure they caught any.
Two scoutmasters are teaching sailing merit badge
Two scoutmasters are getting climbing leader certification
One scoutmaster got swim rescue training.
Scouts getting in uniform for boards of review
Some still home sick
We have been trying to build fires for two hours with not success, it's not as easy as it looks, the problem is the scouts add too much impatience to the recipe
Hey Mr H do you need me for anything? No why do you ask, oh im just going to bed and wanted to check first.
Camp gadgets:
Flag pole
Bulletin board
First aid tripod
That's all for now

Wed, July 4th.
Happy fourth of July
French toast, chicken patty sandwich, chicken fingers
Our day started off with mail call. We got this one letter that the addressee's name was illegible. After closer examination we found that it was sealed with a red kiss. We decided that this could not be a letter suitable for a scout so the scoutmasters drew straws to see who would get the letter.........
Very hot today, heat index 110 degrees
Space exploration built rockets to launch tomorrow
Robotics programmed their robots today
Climbers rappelled 60 ft today
Scoutmaster taught fly fishing today and several of our scouts caught fish
Sailers capsized today and recovered safely
The scouts in nature gave the leaders a lecture in fire safety
A very tall scout row row rowed his boat in circles 
OUT scouts returned to camp today, two visited the infirmary and were released
We performed the flag lowering before dinner tonight, and in celebration of the forth our boys set off fireworks. In honor of the men and women who gave their life for our freedom, our troop bugler blew taps while we all bowed our heads in silence. We then lowered the flag and said grace.
Seven of our leaders turned into lunch ladies today and served dinner in record time.
We all went to church and as part of the service the declaration of independence was read aloud.
A talent show was held tonight. We put on two skits and sang the shaving cream song. Then the last act was two of our scouts playing and singing freebird, it was great.

All in all a great day at camp

*** Thursday, July 5th.
Biscuits and gravy, sandwiches, (steaks and baked potatoes for adults), salsbury steak
Space exploration shot off rockets and almost took out a scoutmaster ( one of ours)
Last day of merit badge class
E-prep watched a movie from the 50's called duck and cover about preparations for an atomic bomb, it was black and white, It was totally ridiculous to quote one of our scouts
Fly fisherman learned to cast 30 feet
All sailors passed the merit badge except CPR
Backpacking MB took off on a 10 mile backpacking overnight, only one scout in the class so it's him and two staff.
Wilderness survival class went out on the survival overnight, one of our scouts decided to finish this merit badge when he gets older so he stayed behind.
I found out a scout had kept his cell phone against our rules and was sending texts to his Mom. I now have the phone.
We lost in basketball, but won in kickball 
We watched a demo of fire by friction, it looked very easy. Ha ha
Scoutmaster cook off, 8 entrees, and 8 deserts, 3 entries by 747
Twice today other troop leaders complemented scouts in our troop on their good sportsmanship and on their support and encouragement of other scouts.
Two scouts and two leaders went on a 5 mile hike
Free swim and slide, and free shoot tonight
Some scouts got a private rendition of reveille by our bugler
Scout was dared to stab a hat with his knife and cut himself......scoutmaster has a new knife
Climbers did battle with noodles on the climbing wall and an inverted rappel (upside down)
One of our home sick scouts now can't wait to come back next year.
It's very HOT!!
Over and out 

  ***Friday, July 6th.
We left camp at 10:30. Our eta is between 9:30 and 10:30am to be
updated when we get to Lufkin and change drivers and eat.
We are watching Puss and Boots
Today was a free day, merit badge make ups, home made boat race, water
carnival, and closing campfire.
Some of our home sick scouts want to stay longer......
Awesome orange chicken by Mr Bill got third in the cook off.
We won the kickball tournament, and honor troop.
Stay tuned for an update in the am

***Saturday, July 7th. Back home. 
At the Whataburger on the way.

Xem đoạn clip tụi nhỏ quậy tưng, làm nhớ lại mấy chục năm trước quá chừng, nhớ bài hát, nhớ không khí, nhưng không được huyên náo như vậy. Đám này từ lớn tới nhỏ đều xông xáo , năng động, hiền lành, rất ư thân thiện, dễ thương vô cùng. We love you - Troop 747.


Dã Quỳ said...

Xem hình, xem video clip, rồi đọc những email của Huynh Trưởng (?) Andy mà thấy tụi nhỏ vui quá chị há. Be bây giờ lớn rồi, đi camp theo các bạn như vậy nên sẽ học được nhiều điều, nhất là tính tự lập đó há!

Great job, troop 747!!! Love you all!

Qua năm tới, Cún đủ tuổi để ghi danh vào Boy Scout rồi nè.

Trăng Quê said...

Wow, Andy đi chơi vui quá.
Mai mốt Ri về dưới phải đăng kí Scout Boys thôi.

Kien Con said...

Ở bên này cũng có trại hè nhưng không hoành tráng như bển đó đâu chị. Chương trình từng ngày quá hấp dẫn. Thích thiệt đó nhen.

*** Khoái tấm hình cái cây cột hướng dẫn, quá ấn tượng.

BeBo said...

Nên rất là nên cho Cún đi Boy Scouts đó Quỳ, khuyên cả đám bạn bè mình luôn là nên cho con đi Scout, boy hay girl cũng vậy.

BeBo said...

Andy là huynh trưởng của Be đó dì Hằng, ông viết email mỗi ngày cho cha mẹ xem về tình hình con cái mình. Ồ chắc chắn là Ri sẽ mê Boy Scouts lắm luôn.

BeBo said...

Trại hè của nhóm Be năm nào cũng 1 tuần đi xa đó dì Kiến Con, hôm rồi chổ camp cách Houston 10 giờ lái xe. Chương trình hấp dẫn lắm.
Gia đình em đi chơi về chưa? Bim thấy lớn và đẹp trai quá.

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